ISR Computing provides reliable and intelligent information security advisory and information security automation services to large and mid-sized companies in all industries. ISR Computing focuses on listening to each client’s needs, working with them to develop solutions, because ISR Computing recognizes a need for a personalized relationship with clients.
The ISR abbreviation stands for Information Security Research. As such, ISR Computing designs, develops, and supports custom information security solutions for your unique information security business needs. Further, ISR Computing always follows concentrated approach which goes to the heart of your technology challenges, and uncovers an intelligent, straightforward solution. Additionally, ISR Computing stays involved until client’s employees have the knowledge and confidence they need to manage newly developed information security platforms, services, or systems. Moreover, after building or refining clients’ information security infrastructure, ISR Computing ensures its effectiveness with a commitment to ongoing managed support.
ISR Computing works with a diverse set of clients in a wide variety of industries including finance, government, and retail. ISR Computing will quickly get to know new client’s industry, business, and the challenges the client faces. ISR Computing will evaluate information security systems the client has in place, and only then ISR Computing will provide custom service or product that responds to the client’s business needs.
Finally, ISR Computing is determined to provide modern information security technology, information security best practices, and committed support, because these are vital to our clients’ success.